Some Bible study

This set of pages results from a sort of personal pilgrimage starting in early 1998. I hope to add to it and make corrections over the next while.

I have no expertise or qualifications to publish in this area. My research materials were principally the Bible itself (Revised Standard Version) but I have been interested to see the new translation from the Aramaic texts by Victor Alexander (, and of course I have looked elsewhere on the Internet for help. I found it very interesting that since the 1960s there have been growing groups of "Messianic" Jews who believe that Jesus (or, as they prefer, Yeshua) really was the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament.

Of course, that is my conclusion too. I am sure that I will have little new to offer serious Biblical scholars. But we have not all the good fortune to be such, and what I have found new for me I write here.


John the Baptist

"This day have I begotten thee"

Fulfilling the Scriptures

The Temple

The brethren and the disciples

The thirty pieces of silver

The blood of the Lamb

Where does this leave us?


The Lord's Prayer


Malcolm Crowe, Glasgow, 11 June 1998 - 14 October 2001